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Added On October 4, 2011
Exercises From The Iron Guru Vince Gironda Part 1

by Rusi
Number 1: The Drag Biceps Curl

Chances are that you've never seen a drag curl in your gym. I have never seen anybody do something like that. I've seen all kinds of biceps curls possible but never a drag curl.

The drag curl is essentially a straight bar barbell curl but during the movement the bar should make constant contact with your body. You drag the bar over your body. That way you eliminate all the jerky motion and the help of the front deltoid. It's a super strict curl.

Watch the following video for better clearance:
Number 2: Sternum Chin-ups

Sternum chin-ups are simple but quite hard. I personnaly can't do them but they are part of my future goals  but I'm yet to get there.

Anyway sternum chin-ups are combination between a chin-up and a row. You start the motion as a chin-up but during the last 1/3 of the movement you lean back and touch the bar with your sternum. This will destroy your lats.

Watch the below video for more information:
Number 3: Sissy squats

The sissy squat is essentially some sort of a wicked hindu squat that isolates the quads. It was called the sissy squat because Gironda used to make Olympic weighlifters feel like sissies during this movement despite the fact that they were able to barbell back squat some heavy  weight.

In the below video Vince Gironda demostrates the sissy squat himself:
This is only part one. Vince Gironda had a large arsenal of interesting exercises which will presented in future articles. Stay tuned.
Vince Gironda (November 9, 1917 - October 18,1997) was born on November 9, 1917 in Bronx, NY. While Vince was still a young child, the family moved out west to Los Angeles when his father, a stuntman, got offered work in the upcoming Ben Hur film. Vince tried his hand at being a stuntman as well but when he saw a photograph of John Grimek, he realized he needed more physical development and began lifting weights at the age of 22.

The first gym he trained at was the local YMCA. He was there for approximately eight months before moving to the Easton brothers' gym. The Easton brothers taught him to be one of their instructors. He worked there and experimented with training protocols before opening his own gym in North Hollywood, California in 1948.
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