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Last Update  On  January 26, 2013
I Don't Like Arnold Schwarzenegger And I Am Not Afraid To Say It
Recently I have been accused that most of my post are not motivating and even hating.  I didn't mean to demotivate anyone I just wanted to present things the way I see them. In this article I am going to focus on Arnold once more.

I was able to watch Arnold's speech in one university where he presented his rules of success which seem cool but I seriously doubt he lived by them. However this is not the focus of my post. The main thing that I will focus on is Arnold's ego.

During the whole speech Arnold talks about how great he is and how many wonderful things he has achieved. Of course this is true and nobody can deny the courage of Arnold and the risks he undertook on the road to success. However I haven't seen such self-centered and materialistic person for quite sometime. Ok. I lied I've seen much worse - politicians....Oh wait, Arnold is a politician too.

Like I said during the whole speech Arnold is talking about how great he is. The first achievement he talks about is how he conquered America with his bodybuilding. Yes, on paper everything looks cool - he worked so hard, moved to America, had the best physique ever and won Mr. Olympia several times. However as you and me now what you see is not always what it is. The truth is that Arnold's success was just as much marketing as it was hard work. He and Joe Weider both had desire to make huge amounts of money for the sake of making money and promote their persona as much as they could. Arnold and Weider were one of the pioneers of the fake advertisements you see in the magazines - steroid muscle heads used to advertise supplements. Arnold's biceps have become more famous that Pamela Anderson's boobs. Of course even back in the day nobody will tell you that Arnold started using steroids at 16 and his biceps size had nothing to do with the supplements of Weider.

In order for Arnold to become a star a lot of people had to be fucked up. Many people feel that Arnold did not deserve all his Olympia titles and there were better bodybuilders than him - Mike Mentzer, Serge Nubret, Sergio Oliva. This is true and on many occasion Joe Weider who is a money hungry heartless bitch used to screw people over for Arnold and later his friend Franco Columbo.

Of course he would not tell you about that at a university speech. He will just talk about how great he is and how he “made millions of dollars”. Arnold said that if he did not follow his heart he would have been a policeman like his dad. Well, I would add that if they have not invented D-Bol and it was illegal back in the day there would be no terminator today.  Of course nobody wants to know that because as Arnold says “you have to break the rules, not the law but the rules.” You sure did Terminator.

What I am asking myself is why are people thinking that being a steroid ballooned self centered ego maniac is what success is all about? Maybe in the stupid American movies being famous and rich is the best thing in the world but in my opinion the true measure of people's success is their impact on humanity and what they did to improve it. Arnold's career has always being money driven and he cannot hide it. All of his movies are stupid and superficial, without a message. I cannot comment on his career as politician because I have no idea how he did there but I bet that he “made millions of dollars” too.

During the speech Arnold tried to present himself as not selfish by saying that “you have to bring something back” but what exactly did he bring back to the community? Nothing. The bodybuilding today is even worse and Arnold is part of it with his own competition where man on hormones compete at 250 lbs and 5'8 height. Sure, eat all your protein and cycle carbs.

The main idea of this post is not to make you hate on Arnold. It's to present the whole story as it is instead of just seeing Arnold's side and idolizing him. Since, a video is worth a 1 000 000 million words I think Gregg Valentino summarizes everything quite well in this video. And yes his biceps are ugly. Have a great day.
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