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My Tendonitis Story

How I Healed My Tendonitis Without Drugs, Doctors...

by Rusi
This blog post might very well be the most useful piece of information you will find on my website. As a person who has suffered from RSI injuries and tendonitis I would like to share my story with you and explain in details how I got rid of the pain.

I was 19 years old when everything started. I was just finishing high-school and as you probably know this is a stressful period. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. Suddenly things got worse. My left forearm started hurting all the time - when training, writing at school, typing on the keyboard even while opening doors. As you can imagine my activities were seriously limited. I had to limit my writing which was very hard because I was preparing for exams after a few months or so. I stopped training and I restricted my computer usage. Well, this didn't help at all. Because at some point the pain got worse and some numbness appeared. It was a nerve problem and sometimes out of nowhere my wrist would start hurting like a bitch and my forearm would start feeling very weak.  My previous life was gone. I was thinking about the injury all the time. I was looking for information on the Internet while I was in agony. I remember at some point I started using the computer mouse with my feet. I'm dead serious about this.

Somewhere about this point I started getting a lot of negativity from family members. They just didn't believe I had a problem because there was not obvious damage and previous trauma or blood. People just want to see. Anyway somehow I managed to go through the pain and got accepted in some French bullshit college. I decided to go there and test my luck. Well, my luck turn out to be fucked up. I spent a week in France and due to financial problems I couldn't stay there so I went back home. During that particular week and the previous months I did a lot of walking and I mean a lot. I was walking probably more than 8-12 hours a day. I'm dead serious about it. And guess what? My Achilles tendon started hurting like a bitch. Actually while I was in France I had to run (I won't explain why because this post will be 10 pages long) and my Achilles felt like it was very close to rupture. So on top of the forearm pain I couldn't walk. How do you like that? I spent one month at home without going out. Yeah, baby I hate those times.

When my first year in college started things got worse. The Achilles got better but I strained my knee. And I spend another month at home with very limited walking. I just couldn't stay upright. The whole period was almost two years. I called this my Dark Times. Looking back this is the period of my life that was the hardest for me. Besides those injuries I got some eye problems, wrist strain, second Achilles tendonitis, hamstring tear and that's all I care to remember.

I'm sorry it took me so long to write the introduction but we are talking about two years here so don't be angry at me. Probably you are asking yourself how I got rid of my RSI and tendonitis? Well, here's my “secret”. It will be a long writing because I have to say a lot about this.

Like I said I was doing a lot of researches on the Internet and it turn out that my forearm pain was  tennis elbow. I looked at every single web-site on the earth containing the world tendonitis and tennis elbow healing and guess what all of them are BULLSHIT. Yes, repeat after me. Stupid sites like, or something similar are a fraud. You won't find a solution to your problem there. They are just looking for traffic source which in this case comes from people in pain. Most of those sites offer you programs, paid news or stuff but as a person that was there I'm telling you from the bottom of my heart DON'T believe there is special drug or icing method that will help you get rid of tendonitis. They are all frauds trying to sell you stupid stuff.

I did a lot of icing, I took some Ibuprofen, I took some joint support supplements and there was only moderate pain release. The doctors were saying you are fine just take NSAIDs.  I took them but the pain didn't go away. And my dark cycle of injuries seemed like it was eternal.  At some point I found information about the so called  Tension Myositis Syndrome or simply TMS.

The TMS theory is the one that got me on my feet. In a nutshell TMS is a syndrome when you are experiencing REAL PHYSICAL pain caused by your EMOTIONAL state. In other words your pain is real but the cause for your pain is not a structural damage. You have emotional issues. I'll explain.

Let's say that you are into some deep shit like I was when finishing school. You are constantly worried about something. You don't know what to do. And when things get tough your brain kicks in to distract you and protect you from your fears and worries. At that point some kind of pain appears somewhere. Many times it's an old injury or a vulnerable place. Your brain is smart and knows that the best way to distract you from one problem is to create a physical one. There is nothing more distracting and frustrating than physical pain. If you are in pain everything is secondary. Do you get it? And thanks for asking but I'm not crazy. How do I know that? Well, that's how I healed my injuries. When I found about TMS I was skeptical and though that shit was pure crap but at the same time I had nothing to lose. I also wanted my old body and my old life so bad that I had to give it a try. So, this is what I did.

At first I didn't know what was my actual emotional problem because at that point they were a lot. So, I focused only on the idea that there was nothing wrong with my tendons and that the pain was caused by poor blood supply (Dr. Sarno, who is specialized in treating TMS related injuries says that this is the main pain cause when it comes to TMS) and that the real problem was mental. I was slowly returning to my previous levels of activity. It was not that easy and here's the kicker. YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE PAIN. Believe it or not the first week or so I was still in pain but I was still trying to do everything as normal. My forearm was still hurting like a bitch when I was writing or using the mouse, my knee was hurting but I was walking as much as I wanted to anyway. In another words I was doing the opposite of what the doctors usually advice which is - if it hurts, then stop. I already tried that and it didn't work. So, slowly but surely I was walking forward to my old me, to my old strong and healthy body and I wasn't taking medicines, I didn't undergo some special treatment. I was just doing what I was supposed to do years ago - DON'T PANIC AND TREAT TENDONITIS AS AN EMOTINAL PROBLEM. After two or three months of TMS fight I was writing on the computer everyday for hours, training, running (just a little bit I don't run that much anyway), my eyes got a little better too and so on. Like I said the only thing that I did was convincing myself that it's all mental and there's nothing wrong with my body. IT FUCKING WORKED WHEN EVERYTHING ELSE FAILED.

So below is my “ultimate” tendonitis recovery guide which I wrote as person who had to suffer for many, many months.

Note: If your pain is more than two months old your condition is chronic and you can skip Phase 1.

PHASE 1: If your pain is recent - less than 1 month there is a chance that your problem is not TMS but rather a real physical example of tendonitis. Tendonitis is an overuse injury that should feel a LOT better after 14 days of relative rest, NSAIDs and ice. So if you experience pain in some of your tendons and the pain is quite fresh treat it the following way. 

Step 1: Take NSAIDs such as Diclofenac for 5 (FIVE DAYS ). Make sure that you are not allergic to NSAIDs and your stomach is fine. ALWAYS TAKE THEM WHILE OR AFTER EATING because otherwise they will hurt your stomach REAL FAST. Also don't overdose. 2 to 3 times a day sounds fine. Just to be sure I will say it again DON'T overdose.

Step 2: Rest from the painful activity as much as you can for 14 days (two weeks).

Step 3: If your injury is extremely fresh ice it for 5 days. Icing works with fresh and recently inflamed injuries. Ice doesn't do much for chronic pain. Sorry. That's my experience. ALSO IF YOU SUFFER FROM  CARPAL TUNNEL DON'T EVER ICE IT.

Step 4: If your tendonitis resulted from sports you should try to find the cause. Usually it's mechanical problem or stupid training program. For example your exercise form sucks and this places your tendon in a vulnerable position. This is terribly important to understand because if you don't fix your form the pain may come back. You are the only one that knows how the pain started so use your brain and fix the CAUSE. For example if your triceps tendon hurts when doing skull-crushers or push-downs you might just STOP DOING THAT STUPID EXERCISE.


Tendonitis should feel a LOT better after 14 days of rest, NSAIDs and ice and disappear after another week or so.

PHASE 2: This phase is for chronic pain and injuries that failed to heal after Phase 1 or any other kind of rehabilitation your PT made you do.

If you suffered from some of the computer related RSI problems golfer's elbow, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, wrist tendonitis, shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, thumb tendonitis and so on chances are that you will end up in this group. In this case you apply the TMS protocol:

Understand that your pain is REAL but the CAUSE is mental.

Understand that your arm won't fall apart from using the mouse. Our ancestors used to fight with elephants, mammoths, lions, lift heavy shit, walk from morning till evening every day...etc. Do you really think that a fucking computer mouse can be that hard to use. Excuse my language but I know a lot of TMS suffers need someone to kick them in the butt and wake them up. I would pay a lot of money if someone did it with me.

Find your source of stress and TRY TO BELIEVE THAT this is the main reason for your pain.

Read successful TMS Stories and try to find yourself there. Chances are YOU WILL.

Slowly return to your previous activity levels EVEN IF YOU HAVE TO GO WORK THROUGH THE PAIN. This is especially true if you have been suffering from RSI for a long time.

This is it. If you have any questions post a comment. Also check Dr. Sarno's book for more details given by professional. I personally haven't read it. The success stories and online information are enough. Anyway the reviews of the book are great so you might check it out. It's recommended but it's not a must since I DON'T WANT MONEY TO BE AN EXCUSE FOR IGNORING TMS.

Get better soon. And remember it won't happen if you don't commit 100%.

As you know I'm supposed to write a disclaimer that if something happens to you after following my advice I will NOT be responsible. Well, be careful and remember I'm talking about chronic tendonitis.. All I want to do is share my succesful experience. Get better - fast !

USEFUL LINKS: - There is a forum with a lot of SUCCESFULL STORIES

List of videos dedicated to TMS - terribly useful if you are suffering from chronic arm pain - general TMS talk
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