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Last Update  On October 30, 2012
Instinctive Training
What routine should I do? Is StrongLifts5x5 better or worse than Starting Strength? Or maybe I should do one of T-Nation's programs...the pics on there look nice. Oh! No! I should probably do Pavel Tsatsouline's Bear Routine - it was used by underground bad ass Russian special forces motherfuckers? No....I should do Ross Enamait's workout at home and save money? Nooo...I should do Scooby's workout.....No I should do the routine the big guy at my gym does...right ?

Shut up !!!

There is no a perfect routine out there despite what the title say. Even the few routines I write on this site are just examples.  They are not the end of it all. The main problem is that there is too much information or should I say too much misleading information out there and all of it is missing the most important thing - the individual.

Just because some juiced moron or marketing guru wants you to believe that his stuff is the best it does not mean that it actually is. Why? Because we are all different. Some people like more volume other people like less volume. Some people like this exercise other people don't get a damn thing from it.

You have to find what works for you and stick to it for maximal results. It doesn't matter if Rippetoe says you have to squat or some other guys says you have to power clean and all that. Training is about the individual. You do what feels write to you. Don't waste time on things you don't see results from.

Looking for another guy to write you a perfect routine is like asking a guy to tell you what would be the perfect way to live your life. Nobody knows that better than you. You may want to have 10 kids or no kids at all. You may be into girls or boys or both. It's all up to the individual.

Bodybuilding/Training/Lifting weights is a solo sport. It's not about the team. It's about you. If some annoying marketing site like StrongLifts5x5 says you should do 5x5 it doesn't mean it will work for you. Yes, if you are a total beginner who performs physical activity only when the elevator is broken it will work but in this situation everything will work. The same goes for Starting Strength. Most of the results of Starting Strength are highly over-hyped and usually come from brainwashed people who think their way is the only way. Yeah right! When you are a beginner everything will work for a few months after that you are on your own.

In my opinion you should still try to get information from many places but always keep in mind that what you see is what they want you to see. The bitches on T-Nation are for example presenting bullshit “scientific researches” (Ex. Indigo 3G Delta Force Bullshit) and promoting crappy programs and bullshit ideas in general.

It's funny you know. I use to be like this: “Man, what do I do for back.?” Then I go to T-Nation and I see a back specialization routine and I am like: “Oh no I have some deep knowledge now I can't wait to hit the iron.” When in reality I did not really learn anything new because the very same routine is used by some juiced moron promoting T-Nation “I want your money fast” supplement and it probably won't work for me because I am natural and my body type is completely different.

Bodytype is very important to training. Yes, humans work pretty much the same way but there are small differences here and there that makes us unique. We all have different skeleton structure, different limb lengths, different fibers distribution, different bone density, different joint health, different characters......there isn't a cookie cutter routine. You have to find your own and for that you need to follow your instincts. Yes. Yours. Not mine or someone else's

It's the same when it comes to life. Technically there isn't a right or a wrong way. Who is the better person - the guy who sleeps with 120 women (people call this guy a male whore basically) or the guy who sleeps with 1 woman for the rest of his life ? Well, it depends on the point of view. The male whore technically has more potential to increase the population on earth and from this perspective he is doing more good than harm. On the other hand sexual transmitted diseases are a possibility too. The same goes for the mono guy - his behavior is socially acceptable but is he really happy or he does this  because he is afraid to change his life and break up with a person he no longer loves? It's up to the individual to decide because he is the one who pays the end price. Same goes for training.

Who am I to tell you what is the best exercise? You know better than me. Yes, I can present you my opinion and explain you why I believe it's the right way but if it ain't working for you it's time to move on. It ain't gonna cut it and does not matter what I or anybody else says. You have to learn your body.

Same applies to live. There isn't a perfect way to do things and whatever you do some people will see it as “waste of time.” That's fine as long as you don't see it as a waste of time. There isn't a recipe to live a perfect live. It's depends on the person's genetic heritage. By genetic heritage I mean all the things we don't choose but which play a tremendously important role in our destiny. You don't choose your gender, race, height, eye color, hair color, country, parents, people you love....etc. All of these are very important when it comes to your life choices...essentially all of your life choices are based on the above criteria which is unique for everyone. Going back to training this means that some people respond better to volume training while others have hard time recovering. Some people are built for certain exercises, some aren't. Some people get good results from creatine, to people like me it's pure unnecessary crap.

You can't train the way anybody else trains for the very same reason you cannot follow the steps of someone else and be truly happy because they are not you and we all have our own path.

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