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Last Update  On  February 3, 2013
The Skinny Fat Phenomenon
Have you ever heard of skinny fat? Well, if you haven't now you are about to learn.
Pretty much everybody who is not training or even a lot of people who are can be
described quite often as skinny fat bastards.

Skinny fat is a situation where an individual has quite low bodyweight for his height
and at the same time a high percentage of that bodyweight is fat. So, you get the
best of both worlds. Sounds cool, right? In reality  this is one of the worst
bodycomposition you can have. Of course being ultra fat is probably worse but
reversing the skinny fat phenomenon is quite painful.

I think 6 -12 months ago I read an article on T-nation (bad habits) written by some
guy called Anthony Mychal. He was giving overall good tips but a lot of them were to
some point fucked up by T-Nation's gay advertisements and brainwashed
statements. Also he talks about being skinny fat as some sort of a new cancer type
- further from the truth.

Cut or bulk first?

The most important dilemma for skinny fat person is whether to bulk in order to gain
muscle or to cut in order to get rid of the fat. The answer is never straight forward
and it really depends on the situation.

It really depends on how fat you are and what is your bodyweight to height ratio.
For example let's say that you are 150 lbs and 6'1 tall  but with 17% BF. In this
situation if you want to get to 10% BF you will have to lose 12lbs and weight 138
lbs. So you will end up 6'1/138lbs. Of course some of you are going to ask whether
you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time - in most situations not. Losing
12 lbs is not a joke in this particular situation. It's not like you are 6'1 220 lbs.
When you are that skinny your body needs every little bit of energy. Gaining muscle
is very limited but let's be generous and say that while losing 12 lbs you gain 5 lbs
of muscle (unlikely) so you will end up 143lbs and 6'1. Why would you do that? You
will look like anorexic person, be very weak, risk injury and what not. How do I know

Well, I was 150lbs / 6'1 when I started training. I did not even for a second think
about losing weight. I was at 17% BF. I gained 45 lbs and I was 192lbs and 23%
BF. Pretty much I gained 20lbs of cool weight and 25 lbs of fat shit. I had around
38inches gut. I did not take my initial gut measurement because I was not giving a
fuck at the point. Then I started cutting weight....etc.

I am telling you this because looking back I would change a lot of things but I would
still gain weight first but not the same amount. I gained those 50lbs in less than 6
months. Probably 4 months. I don't remember. The bad thing was that I did not
admit how fat I got for a much longer period. The smarter thing to do was do a
straight up cut instead of wasting time bitching and then do the cut. Learn from my

So, if you find yourself in the written above bulk for a few months but keep in mind
that you will get a fat gut and you will have to cut right after it. Don't lie to yourself
that you did not get fat. You did. Keep also in mind that you don't have to gain
50lbs like me. Gain 20lbs and go from there.

On the other hand there are situations where skinny fat bastards should cut right
away. My observations are that this is particularly true for skinny fat kids. When I
was learning to swim  (I learned to swim a little bit when I was 23 years old due to
interesting personal history which has nothing to do with this article.) I was in a
group with many young kids and my observations was that pretty much all of them
were skinny fat bastards to the maximum. Why? I would blame their parents and
McDonalds. Anyway their overall bodyweight was not that low and a straight up cut
seemed healthy. In the adult world this means that if you are 175 lbs and 6'1 and
let's say 17%BF I think a straight cut is perfectly fine. You are not risking
disappearing form this planet.

So, to summarize the above - your decision to cut or to bulk should be based on
your bodyweight.

Training for the skinnyfat bastards

The guy Anthony I mentioned earlier got it all wrong when it comes to training of
skinny fat bastards. Actually he made me so mad that I decided to write this post.
He was talking about fat grips, high reps...etc. Let me tell you this - you are not
skinny fat because of your training. You are skinny fat because of your diet. It's
irrelevant what bars you use.

What I would recommend is as simple as it gets:

- Train with compounds;
- Lift in the 6-10 range;
- Try to hit every muscle group more than once a week;
- You may add some cardio but it's not necessary.
- Don't take supplements;

That's it. No fat bars, no wrist curls, no joke. Just do all the really old exercises.

When you are skinny fat diet is all that counts. I am not talking about eating clean
100% I am talking about being at a caloric deficit when you need to lose weight and
at surplus when you try to gain weight. How you train should not be much different
than the way the guy next to you trains.

What is the reason for skinny-fatness?

It's mainly diet. I know how some wannabes who have never been skinny-fat talk
about insulin sensitivity and other hormone bullshit but in reality it's all diet. In
order for you to become a skinny-fat hero you just need to consume stuff like
chocolate, cookies, candies...etc but in small number. That's how skinny fat is born.
It's not genetics. Anybody will becomes skinny-fat on the above diet. So, please
don't blame genetics which count but are not the only factor.

How do I lose weight?

People have written thousands of books on that topic. Well, it's simple. There is
only one way however - caloric deficit. In other words eat less. Calculate your
maintenance calories which is around 14-16/lbs. This means that if you are a woman
weighting 200lbs your maintenance is 2800 calories. In other words consuming 2800
calories a day will keep your weight the same. Reduce 800-1200 calories from your
maintenance and eat that for one month. See what happens. Don't buy

Do you recommend Starting Strength and GoMad for skinny fat bastards?

Well, I don't. I think the program is stupid. I don't think you need to squat three
times a week just to prove a point and I think the program is simply highly
overrated piece of crap relying on making people fatter. I don't like it. I don't like
Mark Rippetoe and I don't like his milk. He can go fuck himself. If anything Starting
Strength and GoMad are one of the best way to get skinny-fat if you are into that
type of thing.

Do you recommend StrongLifts 5x5?

Read above.

Ok. Faggot. What do you recommend ?

Simple program where the world does not end after the first 5 reps.

Do you recommend P90X?

No. P90X is gay although I think Tony Horton is a baller. Look bro, just do pull-ups
for back, dips for chest, squat like movement for legs for 3-5 sets x 6-12 reps and
do it often. Now STFUP and fix that skinny fat crap once and for all.

What diet do you recommend?

Stick to a low carb diet. It would be best for most people. Carbs are gay anyway.
Don't be a maniac however - eat fruits, cheat...etc.

So to summarize:

Skinny-fat 1:

Ultra low bodyweight - bulk - get fat -cut - get skinny - bulk - cut -repeat till death
or you get married.

Skinny-fat 2:

Normal bodyweight - cut - bulk - cut - bulk - cut repeat till death or marriage.

Skinny-fat Heaven
I would cut first.
I would bulk first.
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