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I'm Sick Of It All: Steroids....why nobody speaks the truth ?
This morning I've read an article written by Marty Gallagher on the legendary Doug Furnas. One of the things that made an impression on me was the proud statement that at 5'10 and 275 pounds he was shredded with striations and what not all over the place. Great, but nobody ever says the obvious. It's impossible to be ripped at 275 pounds when you are 5'10 unless you take some illegal drugs.  Hell, even if you are 6'2 it will be pretty hard to be 275 pounds with striations and natural.(Arnold failed to reach that level even with steroids.) It simply doesn't happen.

I don't want you to focus on this particular case but to see the whole picture. People are admiring far too many persons, blindly, while not having a clue what's really going on. All those stories about people “eating whatever they want” and as “much as they want” and having abs, all those fairy tales about supplements, training programs and what not are nothing more than a bunch of lies. Nothing more. The truth is that if something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, sounds like a duck...then most likely it is a duck. Or in other words if someone looks like he is on steroids, performs like he is on steroids, is bigger than natural athletes he most likely is on a whole stack of female hormone blockers.

However it still amazes me when people act like I am supposed to be impressed by some steroid user. Why? Dorian Yates was so big....Ronnie Coleman is so big...Kevin Levrone is so big....Gaspari is shredded....

Why should I be impressed by guys taking enough steroids and growth hormone to power a whole city? The only thing I am impressed by is their capacity to tolerate similar crap circulating through their bodies while still being alive. Put steroids aside and Dorian Yates will shrunk to 200 pounds top and Ronnie will be probably 220 top. I won't even mention how Frank Zane or Rich Gaspari are going to look like or maybe I will...

I am sick and tired of morons like ProfessorX and the whole T-Nation supplement sucking horde who believe you can get as big as the pros naturally. You can't do it naturally. You simply can't. Said in Ronnie Coleman's words it looks like this:

“Everybody wants to be as huge as professional bodybuilders but nobody wants to realize it ain't gonna happen until you start injecting some long ass needles in your rear.”

I'm just tired of all those pipe dreams around me. All those vain hopes and unrealistic expectations. I'm sorry but it's all a lie. The physique of hormone sponsored bodybuilders and athletes in general is so popular now it's considered normal and  since it's more impressive than a natural it sells. The sensation sells. The fake stuff sells. Sorry, Marty Gallagher, I am not impressed by a guy who took steroids to create his image. I don't care how many striations he had.

"Bro....but steroids don't help that much. It's all diet!"

When I hear this I want to hit the person who said it so hard that he forgets his name. Steroids are so fucking effective for building muscle it's not even funny. If they were not effective half the morons in bodybuilding would never be as big as they got to be. Flex Wheeler is a perfect example of a bodybuilder build solely on steroids. He was taking grams of testosterone when he was not even 18 years old. When he turned “natural” a.k.a “just not as much roids” he didn't make any progress partly because he was maxed out, partly because his training was retarded.

If you are going to take steroids take them. I couldn't care less. What I care about however is the fact that some people are throwing some role models in my face while remaining silent about the assistance used to get to that level.
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