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Added On October 24, 2011
Avoid Forearm Imbalances By Working You Wrists Extensors

by Rusi
Many people believe that the only thing you need to do to develop balanced forearm are gripping exercises. It's true that most of the exercises such as pull-ups, deadlifts, snatches, curls and so on test your grip and hit your entire forearm but still the muscles that do most of the work are the wrist flexors - the wrists flexors are the muscles that curl your fingers when you form a fist. They are the strong part of your forearm mainly due to the fact that they are tested during various daily activities especially if you have physical job.

At the same time the muscles that extend your fingers and flex the back of your wrists are usually quite weak and underdeveloped. They work during compound but sometimes you may won't to hit the directly.
As you know your body does not like muscle imbalances and sooner or later you may have problems from having neglected wrists extensors. Of course not everybody will experience similar problems but I would rather be safe than sorry.  On top of that it does not take that much effort to get them in tone.

Exercise That Develop Strong Wrists Extensors

Number 1: Reverse Biceps Curl

The reverse biceps curl is my favorite exercise for developing the wrists extensors. The exercise is just a regular barbell curl but instead of gripping the bar with your palm facing the ceiling you grip the bar with your palm facing the floor. That way the wrists extensors have to stabilize the whole weight and are worked quite hard in an isometric fashion. Technically they do not contract but they really get worked as long as you keep your forearms straight. Also that exercise allows you to lifts relatively heavy weight compared to other Barbie like movements such as reverse wrists curls which I will explain in a second. Another great benefit from doing this exercise is that your brachioradialis will get stronger too and this muscle is also neglected due to its stronger and bigger brother - the biceps.
Number 2: Reverse Wrist Curl
The reverse wrist curl will hit your extensors directly. The movement is extremely simple. You can perform it on your knees like Arnold in the above picture or on a bench. Just put your elbows on a  stable surface in order to isolate the forearms completely. Grip a barbell or a pair of dumbbells with an overhand grip (palms facing the floor) and in controlled motion curl your wrists upward. Go slow on this exercise. This is not a power movement. You also want to minimize the stress placed on your wrists tendons by using a weight you can handle for at least 6 reps.
Number 3: Hammer Curls
Hammer curls are another great exercise for developing balanced forearms. Due to the fact that you have to use a neutral grip on this exercise the wrists extensors are worked really hard in an isometric fashion. This exercise is similar to the reverse curl and also hits the brachioradialis. The form of the exercise is quite simple. Just grip a pair of dumbbell using a neutral grip - palms and knuckles facing to the sides and curl the weight up.
Number 4: Finger Extensions
Another great way to work your wrists extensors is to perform finger extensions with an elastic band. Just put some kind of elastic band around your fingers and forcefully extend your fingers to an open fist position.
This is it. Those are the main exercises you can perform for hitting your wrists extensors and developing a strong and balanced forearm.
Number 5: Wrists Push-ups
Wrists push-ups are an advanced exercise that will develop some strong wrists and wrists extensors. Consult the video and the link below for more information on the exercise.

Explanation on how to perform wrists push-ups:
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