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You Don't Need Deadlifts And Squats For Big Arms
Many people believe that one needs to perform heavy ass squat and deadlifts in order to get big arms. This couldn't be further from the truth. 

There are millions of articles on the Internet dedicated to squats and deadlifts and usually all of them contain one exceptional myth - "the testosterone released from squats and deadlifts helps you build big arms." This is just ridiculous and there are no significant studies to back-up such a statement. It's all broscience.

The truth is You Donít Need Squats and Deadlifts in order to develop an exceptional set of arms. Why? Well, it's quite simple. Squat And Deadlifts do not require arm strength. Your arms do nothing during squats and the work they get from deadlifts is purely isometric. The actual contribution of the arms to both lifts is very low. That's why you see so many people pulling heavy ass deadlifts while having 12" inches arms. The arms are just hooks during both lifts. The forearm gets some stimulation but that's just about it. You still don't believe me? Ok. I didn't expect to convince you so fast since I know that you are all brainwashed to extreme levels.

If squats and deadlifts are needed for strong and big arms please explain to me why you see so many people with gorilla like upper body and chicken legs? There are dozens of them in every gym. Also have you ever seen the arms of a world class gymnast? 99% of the gymnasts don't do barbell squats or deadlifts because extra mass in the legs can be hurtful to their performance and they don't need the back strength provided by the deadlifts because their backs are already super strong from all the gymnastic drills they do all day. Still not convinced? Ok. I will continue.

When I started training I got my deadlift from 1/2 bodyweight to 2.2 bodyweight for a set of three. Guess what? My arms were not bigger after that "achievement". I still wasn't able to curl 40kg for more than 2 reps or so.

The body adapts to the stress you put on it. And since squats and deadlifts do not put that much stress on the biceps or triceps your arms don't grow from them.  Also deadlifts and squats won't increase your curl or bench press since those are upper body exercises. The truth is that squats and deads are mostly hip and trunk dominated movements.

I have nothing against squats and deads but people need to stop saying ridiculous stuff like "if you want big arms chain yourself to the squat rack". Squats and deads are leg and back exercises. Period. You might feel like talking to God during a set of squats or deadlifts and yet this won't make your arms grow, your dick also won't grow, you hair will stay about the same size too, your eyes will remain the same color as well...etc.  Also if squats and deadlifts were needed for a big arms and even upper body the picture below would've been impossible. Thank God it's all a myth.
Added On August 24, 2011
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