Forearm Training "Secrets" by Vince Gironda
Last Update  On December 3, 2011

I guess I am like many other hardcore bodybuilders who feel that the arms are without a doubt the most impressive of all the muscle groups. One thing that bothers me about arm training is that many bodybuilders will as Weider says, “Bomb & Blitz” their biceps and triceps, yet they give no attention to forearm development. This is a big mistake and one that I have made in my own training. Quite a few of the guys I know rag about some of your training concepts, such as not having a squat rack in the gym and advising bodybuilders to stay clear of bench presses.
I’m not writing this letter to blow smoke Vince but I am a dyed-in-the-wool “Iron Guru” disciple. I tell everyone who will listen that while you don’t have a squat rack in the gym you do in fact have a Smith machine and that machine can be used to perform your famous Metabolic squat. Why do benches, when I can get slabs of sculptured pecs doing those “V bar” dips. One area of muscle development that your critic’s don’t ever mention is that every student of Vince Gironda comes away with huge meaty forearm development. It seems to be a permanent muscle fix because I saw a recent picture of Larry Scott at age 53 in his new book Loaded Guns and his forearms are still mind boggling as ever. What’s the $1000 (dollar) secret to brutally huge forearms?

Scott Dawson
Gary, Indiana
Answer by Vince Gironda

Scott, your correct in your observation that all of my students come away with as big forearms as their genetics will allow. Larry Scott’s are tremendous and don’t forget Mohammed Makkaway who had a set of the largest and most vascular ever for a man of his stature. Forearm size and strength is a great confidence builder and that general heath is measured by the grip. I was once asked why I was giving forearm work to a male model that had hired me to get him in ripped shape for an assignment in Egypt. I explained that my reason was more psychological that physical, so in a sense I was not wasting his (the male model) time and energy on a body part that would not change to any great degree. Forearms’ training was and still is a means to building confidence, aggressiveness and vigor to enhance a person’s workout.

A good forearm workout using my training concepts here at Vince’s Gym would be:


Decline Barbell Wrist Curl

Place a 10" box under the legs on one end of your flat workout bench. Straddle the bench facing the low end. Hold the barbell with a 6" wide hand spacing and press your elbows and forearms into the top of the bench, supported on both sides by your knees, hands holding the barbell, hang over the end of the bench (under hand grip, thumbs under). Now curl pausing for a 2 count at the top.  2 sets of 10 reps

Body Drag Barbell Reverse Curls

Grasp a barbell taking a 16" wide hand spacing, taking an overhand palms down and thumb on top of the bar. With the bar touching the thighs and keeping the elbows back curl (drag the B.B. up your body) the barbell up to the belt, waist, or horizontal position for 4- ? reps, second 4- ? reps from horizontal to neck position. Now do 4 full body drag reverse curls from your thighs to your neck. 3 more sets

Zottman Dumbbell Curls

Stand facing a mirror with a dumbbell in each hand. Palms are in facing the side of the thighs. Start with your left hand. Curl out to the side with your elbow pressed against the side of the hip. When the dumbbell reaches the top position slowly turn the dumbbell over and down in front of your chest with the palm turning down. As the left arm straightens at the arm extended down position, slowly rotate the palm to the original starting position with the palm in and ready for the next rep. At this point start the procedure with the right hand. Alternate hands. 4 sets of 12 reps.

On the body drag barbell reverse curls and the Zottman dumbbell curls, use the Larry Scott secret of doing 4 - 6 burns on each set in both the contracted and extended position. Remember these are just 1/4 movements. Do a ten second negative rep on the last rep of each set. Your form on each and every rep should be very slow and exacting, otherwise this program will not produce results.

Important note from If you are a beginner bodybuilder DON'T even bother with a forearm routine because you will most liklely overtrain. More on forearm training
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