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1.Working upper body and legs on the same day.

2. Not touching chest to bar and calling it chinning.

3. Not raising up on the big toe and pulling heels together when performing calf raises.

4. Bench presses for pecs. This is 90% front delt work.

5. Not touching all four bells together on dumbbell benches. This also is 90% front delt work if you do not touch the bells together.

6. Under working or overworking a muscle by performing too wide a variety of exercises on a given muscle.

7. Cheating exercises.
8. Presses for side delts.

9. Mixing carbohydrates and protein.

10. Behind the neck chins or pull downs.

11. Skipping breakfast.

12. Swimming.

13. Side Bends.

14.Not taking enzymes at every meal.

15. Not arching the back while performing lat work.

16. Distraction.

17. Music in the gym.

18. Not selecting the proper exercise for deficient muscle areas.

19. Not keeping chin on chest, feet under the face and elbows wide on parallel dips for the pecs.

20. No knowledge of combining exercises.

21. Not changing an exercise program often enough.

22. No knowledge of breaking a rut.

23. Not specializing on slow growing areas.

24. Not taking supplements.

25. Taking too many supplements.

26. Lack of concentration during workouts.

27. Unwillingness to accept new or different concepts.
Vince Gironda (November 9, 1917 - October 18,1997) was born on November 9, 1917 in Bronx, NY. While Vince was still a young child, the family moved out west to Los Angeles when his father, a stuntman, got offered work in the upcoming Ben Hur film. Vince tried his hand at being a stuntman as well but when he saw a photograph of John Grimek, he realized he needed more physical development and began lifting weights at the age of 22.

The first gym he trained at was the local YMCA. He was there for approximately eight months before moving to the Easton brothers' gym. The Easton brothers taught him to be one of their instructors. He worked there and experimented with training protocols before opening his own gym in North Hollywood, California in 1948.
The Biggest Bodybuilding Mistakes by Vince Gironda
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