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Are Kettlebells Any Good For Adding Muscle?

by Rusi
Added On September 8, 2011
Kettlebells are becoming more and more popular when it comes to conditioning and fat loss but what about building muscle mass ?

Well, you can certainly build muscle mass using kettlebells but only in your upper body. There is no way to build big legs using kettlebells. I don't care how many pistols or front squats you can do. Your legs need more resistance. In this situation barbells and machines are more effective because they allow you to overload your lower-body.

Kettlebells are perfect for weight loss, cardio and some upper body hypertrophy. However you will have to use some "advanced techniques" because a kettlebell will only weight a certain poundage and you can't increase its weight by small increments. You can try different things such as sets with minimal rest, isometric holds, ladders (a good way to build more volume) in order to build some shoulder and overall body strength but still the hypertrophy from kettlebells will be small compared to the classic mass training.

Kettlebells were not meant to be used as mass building tool. They are more of a conditioning tool. When it comes to hypertrophy you should stick to the proven methods - dumbbells, barbells and machines. At the same time you can incorporate kettlebell drills in your training just don't count on them to make you look like a mountain of muscle because.
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