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Most Of The Before and After Photos Are Fake

by Rusi
"Not Everything Is What It Seems To Be."
I don't care who you are but you've probably seen a lot of before and after photos. Today it's time to open your eyes and tell me what you really see. Let's start with the pictures below.
A few hours later that day..
It's obvious what happened here: the crew tried to make both models look as unattractive as possible in the before picture. However they are still the same a few hours later. The only difference is that the man does not have chest hair and is oiled. Removing your chest hair will make your chest look bigger and more cut instantly but of course you still have the same chest. It's not any bigger.

At the same time the boobs of the girl were hidden and now both models are sucking in their stomachs. Also the hair style of the girl is changed in order to make her more attractive and younger. The lightning is also a little different in the after photo which  increases the "effects" of the training program.

They have the same amount of muscle mass and bodyfat in both pictures and Chuck Norris will punch you in the face unless you see it in three seconds total.
- Chest hair;
-Love handles;
-No make-up or oil;
-Hidden boobs;
-Simpe hair style;
-No Chest hair;
-Sucked in guts;
-Make-up and oil;
-Revealed boobs; (nice rack)
-Improved hair style;
Another fake before and after sequence...
This one is harder to see and you need more experience. But let me do that for you.

As you can see the guy has a lot of chest hair and a huge gut  in the before photo. However he is actually pushing his stomach out most likely after a heavy carb meal.
In the after photo the chest hair is removed in order to make his chest look more cut. Also, this is very important, his hands are behind his body in order to stretch the pec and hide the lower chest fat. Try it in front of  a mirror and you will see that your chest will look more cut. And of course he is also sucking his gut. Not to mention the fact that the "After" label is placed over his abs in order hide them and make it more difficult to see that their are missing. On top of that you can't see the stupid face which means it may be another person although in this case I think it's the same one.

Conclusion: There are a lot of fake before and after photos made for one purpose only - sell stupid products and make money out of people's ignorance. Use your brain and if anything promises instant results - it's most likely a fraud. Good things take time and effort.
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