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Added On September 12, 2011
Gaining Weight Vs. Gaining Muscle

by Rusi
It seems that a lot of people, especially beginners, do not make the difference between gaining bodyweight and gaining muscle mass. Especially with the hot topic of Mark Rippetoe's 1 gallon of milk people are getting way out of hand with the whole process of building muscle mass. Let me tell you something and please remember it.

"Building muscle Is HARD and TAKES a LOT of TIME. Sorry"

I guess you've all heard stories such as: "I gained 20 pounds in a month.", "I gained 50 pounds in 3 months." Yeah, right. People with similar "progress" probably don't know the difference between muscle and fat or are missing the D-bol part of the equation.

Let's me explain what happens when you start bulking up and overfeeding your organism. Most people will instantly gain between 5 to 10 pounds after starting eating like champions. However they will be lucky if 1 pound of that is muscle. The truth is that when you increase your calories you will initially gain water weight and glycogen. That's why you will look fuller and the scale will go up. Water and glycogen are actually LBM (lean body mass) but it's not muscle. So, you've gained 5 to 10 pounds but probably none of them actual muscle.

You have to understand that you can't lie to your body and you can't make it grow  by eating for two or three people. Every single calorie over your needs goes to fat right away. Your body is limited when it comes to building muscles but it's not limited when it comes to gaining and storing fat. Also fat may easily appear as muscle gains especially when you wear clothes. Sorry but eating 2000 calories more than you need won't speed up your mass construction because guess what - EASY DOESN'T WORK. Everybody can drink 1 gallon of milk for a few months, everybody can dirty bulk because it's relatively easy. However not everybody can follow a clean diet, not everybody can be patient and not everybody can be honest and say: "I fucking got fat. That isn’t muscle. It's just another layer of fat."

So how much muscle can you really gain? It's not set in stone obviously because people with more dedication and better potential will do better but my experience says that you can expect 15-20 pounds of pure muscle during your first year of training if you are relatively tall and started skinny. After that you are looking at 5-10 pounds of muscle in a year. It may not sound like a lot but it's because people have been brainwashed by fitness gurus like Rippetoe who claims stupid things like: “It's possible to gain 60 pounds in a year.” Yes, it's possible. Question is do you know the difference between fat and muscle? Looking at Rippetoe's beer gut I think he should be the last one to give diet advices.

Easy doesn’t cut it. I wish it worked but it doesn't. We all have to work hard and to me the idea of working hard has nothing to do with dirty bulking. That's easy - plenty of fat people around you are already doing. You can do it too if you want to be like the

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