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Why GOMAD Is The Most Retarded Diet You Can Follow In Order To Gain Muscle Mass

by Rusi
During the last few years Mark Rippetoe, the creator of Starting Strength, has made the good old One Gallon Of Milk A Day Diet popular again. This is what he says in an article posted on T-Nation:

"I typically advise that 4 big meals and a gallon of whole milk per day will get the job done better than just about any other approach for a novice."

That's why you see so many blog posts about "GOMAD and Rippetoe" on popular bodybuilding and exercise related sites. Rippetoe is extremely popular due to his work with Cross-fit and the GOMAD diet has become an important part of the routine. According to Rippetoe the diet is designed only for novices and severely under-weight people. However I believe that this is the most retarded diet on planet earth.

Let's see what's contained in a gallon of milk - 2400 calories, 120 grams of protein, 200g of carbs and 120g of fat plus some extra stuff that makes you go to the toilet day and night or simply produce a lot of Methan.

There are 10 times better ways to get 2400 calories and 120 grams of protein but this is another story. The biggest problem with GOMAD are the high carb content and stupid mentality behind the diet itself. Many of the so-called Rippetoe followers believe that you can gain 30 pounds of muscles in 3 months if you "do your squats and drink your milk". This not true because your body can build a limited amount of muscle in a period of time. Doesn't matter how much you eat - you can only build so much muscle in a month even if you do legendary lifts such as deadlifts and squats. That's why the calories from GOMAD will just make you PHAT. Not to mention that when you combine them with low-bar squats as advised by Rippetoe you get a recipe for a big booty and weak legs and most importantly you become a brainwashed fool who follows the bro-science advice of a fitness guru with a beer gut.

I think that most of you do not understand how 30 pounds of muscle actually look.  Go to the local super market and buy 30 pounds of red meat. Then go home. Put it on the table and ask yourself this:

"Is it physically possible for my body to produce THIS in 4 to 5 months ?"

No fucking way.

Dorian Yates gained 70 pounds of muscle in over 10 years of hardcore training while using hardcore "supplements" as well. Do you really think a kid can gain close to 50% of that in 3 months by drinking a gallon of milk a day?

No fucking way.

Let's take a look at the famous Zack Evetts who got "super jacked" on Starting Strength while drinking a gallon of milk a day. Actually the rumors are that he was drinking 2 gallons of milk a day but it's not 100% official. Poor kid. Anyway here's how he looked after three months on GOMAD.
Zach Evetts

Height: 6'1
Bodyweight: 242

Bodyfat % measured at 7 skinfold sites (equation detailed below): 20.95%
LBM: 191.29 lbs.

This information was provided by his trainer Mark Rippetoe.
Ok. I don't know if I have to cry or to laugh. If those are the results from GOMAD why would anybody do it? First the guy has no traps to show for after gaining 30 pounds of LBM. Second his mid-section exploded. Third he gained so much fat that even his calves got fatter - not to be confused with bigger. He has small man boobs. His quads  are a little bigger but it's hard to tell when you can't actually see them. His arms are bigger but when you remove the fat they are exactly the same as they were before he started GOMAD. His face changed a lot too. I mean come on. This dude got fat and there is no way on planet earth that he is LBM 191 pounds. Also his BF is way over 20%. I've been 20% BF at almost the same height and I can tell that I looked almost jacked compare to this guy. My estimate is that he is 27% to 31% BF which is a lot.

The sad thing is that many people who decide to go the GOMAD way are so excited by the fast weight gain and they can't stop even though they just get fatter and fatter. Also they are looking for a shortcut and since shortcuts do not really exist you get to be fatter. When you are 165 pounds/6'1 consuming 6000 calories a day will only make you spend more time in the toilet and more time dieting.

Added On August 25, 2011
Note: I apologize to anyone who feels offended by this post but this is the way I see the GOMAD "diet". I still believe that Starting Strength is one of the better routines for beginners although the dietary advice coming from Mark Rippetoe is not the most intelligent route you can follow.

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