Last Update  On February 17, 2012
Back To Basics: The Best Lower Body Mass Builders

by Vladi
In Part 1 of Back To Basics I presented you the exercises which in my opinion are the most productive upper body mass builders. In Part 2 it's time to upgrade the wheels.

Quadriceps - High-bar Olympic ATG Back Squats

The squat is the foundation of any leg training. The only quadriceps exercise in the world that does not involve a certain squatting motion are leg extensions which are useful in certain situations but still have to step back when the King talks. However when our focus is on the quadriceps the most effective squat would be the classic high-bar Olympic ATG back squat. If your goal is to develop big quads stay away from low-bar squats because they are glute dominant movement.

How Deep Should You Squat For Maximal Hypertophy?
Hamstrings - Romanian Deadlifts

Nobody does it better in my opinion. You can try different things but the Romanian deadlifts will always offer the most benefits to risk ratio:

-no need for a spotter unlike the barbell good morning;

-nice and deep hamstrings stretch;

-heavy weight can be used;

-great assistant exercise for the deadlift;

-feels nice when you see a lady do it...actually that's true for good mornings and leg curls as well...;)

How To Perform Romanian Deadlifts With Proper Form
Adductors - Stay Away From The Machines

I don't hate machines and find some of them great but the adductor/abductor machines are complete garbage in my opinion and not nearly as effective as heavy compound exercises such as squats, leg presses...etc.

My recommendation for hitting the adductors is to perform squats or leg presses. Yes, squats and leg presses will take care of the adductors as well and there is no need for using a crazy wide stance. This will only lead to groin pulls and knee pain. More on squat stance here. Just don't go too narrow, make sure your knees track your toes and you will be fine.

Calves - Calves Raises

Calves are a muscle group that you either have it or you don't. It's sad but it's true. You can do 1000 legs raises but if you don't have the genetics it ain't gonna do nothing. More on calves and genetics here.

Anyway since it would be stupid not to include an exercise here I will go with the classic - standing calves raises. No need to waste time on seated raises.
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