Female Exercises - Myth Or Truth
Last Update  On December 10, 2011
These days everything is divided to male and female and training does not make an exception. There are female and male supplements for example. Of course most of those supplements are completely pointless. I can tell you that if you are a woman and someday you try vitamins such as the GNC Mega Man (haven't used it and probably never will) you won't turn into a man and the opposite is also true - if you are a man and try Mega Woman or something like that you want turn into a girl. My point is that despite being different men and women have a lot of “common needs” and the body of both functions the same way in general. Of course the goal of all this is marketing again. If I sell a product designed especially for men and another one designed for women I have more targets. Or in other words more people will by my stuff. Today we see the same thing in training
There are “female exercises” and “male exercises”. When you ask a girl to do something harder like a pull-up or even a push-up she says: “It's too hard.” At the same time they buy those silly Cindy Crawford videos and do some funny stuff like 500 donkey raises to feel the burn. I blame the media, the stupid personal trainers and the society in general for this. We've created a certain image and people are afraid to do stuff differently. Hey, let me tell you something there are not male and female exercises because the human skeleton and muscular system are the same in both - women and men. There might be slight bone structure differences but it's all the same in general. When a man flexes his arm he uses his biceps. When a woman flexes her arm she uses the same muscle. If the body functions the same way why bother with female classes consisting of bosu balls, fake yoga, pilates and other ways used by the personal trainers to make some fast cash. You can't answer this one, can you. There is simply not a logical explanation.

I don't train in a gym where there are that many girls but when I see one she will usually ride the bike for 40 minutes than do some abs and maybe curls with 6 pounds dumbbells. Later she will wonder why there are not results other than start looking like a skeleton. Well, it's your training. The muscle building processes are the same whether you are woman or a man. Of course some of the ignorant girls will say: “I don't want too much muscles.”. Look, boys have to work extremely hard to gain any kind of muscle mass. A girl which is usually very low on male hormones won't be able to gain even half of that. If a man can gain 1-1.5 pounds of pure muscle in a month a girl can expect half or even less than that. So, a girl will gain around 6 pounds of muscle in 1 year.  Doesn't sound that scary to me. You want look like those female bodybuilders ever unless you are willing to take a lot of hormones.

Girls should not be training like sissies. They should also perform “hard” exercise like pull-ups, dips, deadlifts...etc. The only difference will be that less weight will be used but that's why you can unload the barbell in the first place.

Everything is a business these days and it's understandable to some point because we all need money. However sometimes those who know take advantage of those who don't in order to get there. Most of the women equipment you see on TV is completely useless and funny to say the least. Don't waste your money on it. Just go to the gym and some real exercises instead of squeezing some stick between your legs and the fact that you are a girl does not give you the right to behave like a sissy.

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