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Added On September 25, 2011
Cheaper And Better Alternative To The Perfect Push-up And The Perfect Pull-up

by Rusi
I don't know if the “perfect pull-up” and the “perfect-push-up” are still a hot topic but they sure were a few years ago. All I can tell you is that both products are extremely overpriced and overrated.

The truth is that the rotation of the “perfect push-up” handles is not that effective and you are not working that much more muscles when you rotate your wrists. Sorry. There might be a little more forearm involvement but trust me nobody gets big forearms from using the perfect push-up. On the other hand the same rotation offered by the “perfect pull-up” is useful and really saves some strain on the elbow and wrist joint but you can achieve the same result using a set of homemade gymnastic rings or suspension training system. Yes, that's right - some cheap gymnastic rings or some kind of a suspension training system will put the perfect push-up and the perfect pull-up right into the garbage. To be honest that's what they deserve. Both devices suck.

If you do your push-up on rings you get even more benefits than using the funny perfect push-up stands. First, the rotation of the rings is even better, second the stability factor makes the ring push-ups harder. At the same time if you have rings you can use them for pull-ups and push-ups plus other fun stuff. You don't need to buy two different apparatus to do your pull-ups and your push-ups. What's next? The perfect squat, the perfect deadlift, the perfect curl....come on. Fuck those guys. They just want your money and the equipment they offer has very little value. The same goes for the expensive suspension systems you see these days. You can make you own for 10 bucks. The below video is just one of the many examples how to construct your own suspensions system which is nothing more than triangle rings.
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