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Added On October 29, 2011
The TRX Training System Is a RIP-OFF

by Rusi
Have you ever heard the famous saying:

"Everything new is a well-forgotten old."
The famous TRX Suspension Training System does not make an exception. This product is not something new or original. It has been around for ages under a different form - gymnastic rings.  However the marketing of the TRX system is so strong that people actually fall for that crap.

I decided to visit the web-site of the company producer and I was so shocked by the prices that I almost started crying. The regular package costs around USD 175 and comes with variety of learning videos explaining different movements and a special bag.

I don't care who you are but you can have all of this for 1/10 the price. How?

First: Make your own "suspension system" from car baggage straps for USD 20 top. Watch this video for more information.

Second: Watch videos on YouTube in order to learn different movements. There is no need for fancy overpriced books.

Third: Who needs an extra bag? Can't you put the damn thing in a military bag or something. We are talking about training here not prom. Nobody cares about your accessories.

It would be stupid to say that the suspension system training is not beneficial. However we can all save some money instead of falling for every product unless you are as rich or as stupid as Paris Hilton.  Actually I will present you one of the most popular market tricks which is also used on the web-page of the TRX
training rip-off system.

Fake Price Reduction

Obviously companies like to speculate with price reduction. The TRX producer is not an exception. The site claims that the product used to cost USD 219.95 and now it costs only USD 174.95.

Yeah right!!!!! Who do you think I am? It's just an old marketing trick to make people believe that they are getting a great offer when if fact the product final price was the originally planned one. There was never a reduction. Come on... a 5 y.o. can figure this out.

Bitch, try again !
Conclusion: Save some money. Make your own suspension system or gymnastic rings and stop bitching. Also don't forget that the perfect push-up and pull-up are crap for the same reason.
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